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A free world is a well informed world. Ms No World Order gives you videos and news articles which covers subjects such as Money, Finance, Natural Food, Health, Media, Government and GMOs.  Please refer to my calendar for occult and satanic rituals dates.  

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The Occult/Secret Societies  Occult means 'hidden' and secret societies aim to keep knowledge about how your universe, the earth and how your mind and body works away from the general population.  Most people progress through secret societies because of bloodline connections.


The Illuminati  The Illuminati are in nearly every industry including music, film, politics, medicine, military and science.  They operate through secret societies and are mainly headed by royal families of europe.  They recruit people for the secret societies through their industry.


Mind Control  Mind control comes in many forms include brainwashing, repetition, trauma based, thought control, mental abuse and coercive persuasion.  Through Illuminati bloodlines many children have undergone trauma based mind control through sexual, physical and mental abuse.



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